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Hippotherapy is a form of therapeutical interaction between human and horse. The treatment utilizes interaction, movement, rhythm and repetition of the horse as therapy and remedial education to children and adults with special needs. By applying different combinations of patterns, speeds, and riding postures, we are able to provide the sensory and neurological input each child will benefit from.

The existing objectives that can be applied during hippotherapy sessions are:

  • The horse's unique rhythmic movements allow children with (mobility) disabilities to relax better, develop their balance and coordination, and gain strength in their muscles, allowing them to experience a better symmetrical posture.

  • Psychomotor skills such as perception of space and orientation, body image, fine motor skills, cognitive behavior and communication.

  • Gaining/increasing self-confidence.

  • Becoming aware of personal space and guarding one's own boundaries.

  • Learning to deal with stress. 

  • Promote emotional well-being.

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Hippotherapy Aruba
Hippotherapy Aruba
Hippotherapy Aruba
Hippotherapy Aruba
Hippotherapy Aruba
Hippotherapy Aruba
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