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Horseback Riding in Aruba

Guided Horseback Riding



Did you know that horseback riding is an environmental friendly and fun way to explore the island of Aruba? Experience the spectacular panoramic scenery of Aruba's diverse landscape on an unforgettable  adventure. Hoofs of Hope Aruba is one of the very few ranches that offers trails which are traffic free. Meaning that no busy roads need to be crossed during any of our rides. This takes away the hassle of looking out for cars on busy roads. We offer a peaceful ride with a wide range of man-made and natural wonders, beautiful coastline, sand dunes, and much more as our guide takes you through the ecological sceneries of Aruba. The Lovers Cove, Wish Garden, Safire Hill, Local Fisherman's Huts and Urirama beach cove can all be admired, depending on your tour selection. Sights and conditions differ each season but one thing is continual: the beauty of Aruba combined with unmatched equine experience. Our horses are well taken care off with pride, joy but above all LOVE. They are trained extensively before becoming trail horses. With us you have the option of requesting a guide on foot. This is very much appreciated by families with small children or novice riders. Our guides are all professionals who have been riding and guiding our horses for many years. Their bond with the horses is truly unique. For more experienced riders we recommend a private ride which allows you to canter.

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This Is Our Story

Thank you for visiting our page, we are excited you're here! We are a family owned ranch with over forty years of equestrian experience. Our founders grew up on the first and, for decades, the only horseback riding establishment in Aruba. As young kids they were taught stable management, riding skills and all horse care routines thinkable. Having taken care of hundreds of horses and passing on the skills and knowledge to us the younger generation, we can proudly say that we KNOW horses. The love and care for horses have always been a constant. The seed that was sown decades ago would flourish years later with the opening of our own ranch. 

In 2008 Hoofs of Hope was established operating as El Paseo Ranch. Since then it has welcomed and entertained many locals and tourists on the beautiful island of Aruba. As the only ranch on the island to have won the most awards for our horseback riding services, we are thrilled to offer you a unique experience. 


Besides touring guests we are also committed to rehome rescue horses. Unfortunately, Aruba does not dispose of sufficient environmental resources to enable self-supporting food for horses. We rely almost entirely on imports to maintain our four legged friends, which makes it an expensive endeavor. Nonetheless, with your support we have been able to nurture many rescue horses throughout the years.


Giving back to society has always been very important to us. That is why we started HHH in 2017. Hippotherapy Hoofs of Hope foundation has been offering therapeutic riding to kids with neurological disabilities such as autism and other behavioral disorder. Interaction with horses promotes neurological and physical functioning of children with limitations and in doing so contributes to their quality of life.


What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Like any outdoors activity you are going to want the best people to guide you. That is exactly what we provide. Our staff have the safety of each guest as number 1 priority. We love to share that part of Aruba you probably have not experienced yet. Our professional guides are sure to lead you the best way possible in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable ride.

Well trained horses

Our horses are our main asset. It is with great pleasure and pride that they are trained and taken care of. Most of our friends are paso fino horses. This is a smaller breed than horses usually encountered  in the U.S. and Europe. 


Because of this, we maintain a strict weight limit for all horseback rides.  All tours are perfectly suited for beginner riders but also give advanced riders the ride of a lifetime!

Hidden Gem Sights

Aruba is a beautiful island. We bet you already knew that. What you don't know is that most visitors don't get a chance to experience the rugged side and hidden gems of the island . We provide you with just that chance!


Our tours offer picturesque and breathtaking panoramic views of a part of Aruba not accessible by car. None of our tours use roads accessed regularly by motorized traffic which is favorable to guest and animal.


Best excursion on the island!

“This was the unanimous favorite excursion for our week long family vacation! We came to Aruba 10 years ago and did horseback riding but only went in the dessert. This one was so much better! Our guide, Jesus was outstanding! He couldn’t speak much English but that didn’t matter. He took lots of cool pics of our group and made us feel like he really cared about us enjoying the experience. The scenery of the ocean side was stunning! We love this ranch and would highly recommend..”

Corrine B, Austin Texas

Fabulous Horseback Riding at Sunset

“Our experience with Roc (spelling may be wrong -- sorry!) as our guide on a horseback riding tour through Arikok National Park was fantastic. Roc was very knowledgeable of the history of Aruba, plant life, development of the island's culture and economy. It is also abundantly obvious that all staff at El Paseo have a great deal of experience with the horses; Roc thoroughly explained riding instructions, personalities of the horses (shout-out to Shakira and Banks!) and safety measures before leaving the ranch. We were so thrilled with our experience we didn't care how much our butts hurt the next day, and we'd go back to El Paseo in a heartbeat. Thank you so much!”

Tracey Whitten, Orano Maine

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